That Time Of The Year? Wednesday November 19, 2008

So it’s that time of year again…

No not Christmas. It’s time again for’s Top Five Records of the Year. While I rack my brain about which five make the list, I thought I would give you a small little preview of some bands that might appear on this year’s list … Might being a keyword.

See this year has been a bit of a mystery in regards to records. There was no real show stopping records in ’08, but a slew of above average records with some classic sounds … either way here’s a few videos to wet your appetite. P.S. If you only look at one video, check out the Saul Williams video. Fantastic use of Fonts!

Friendly Fires

Saul Williams

Chad Van Gaalen

Cold War Kids

And for the record, I also stand by my choices from last year. The Besnard Lakes was such a weak record.

Also, why do people use YouTube anymore? seriously?

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