Random Thoughts For The Motrin Moms Viral Campaign Friday November 21, 2008

So, I’m sorry but I just don’t get it? I really don’t get the up roar about the Motrin Mum’s viral campaign?

Okay, it might be because I’ve never given birth or that I’ve never carried a child in a back sling or a pouch. To me the whole things sounds like a tongue in cheek take on the current state of consumer culture and our societies need to have the latest accessories. To me it is not implying that Babies are the new Yves St. Laurent purses. What’s your take?

Anyways …

First – A great story about the surviving dogs from Michael Vick’s DogFighting ring. Seems like the dogs are doing fantastic and they are generating more income than Mr. Vick, they even have their own wine (via spincity.org)

Second – If you’re going to review Chinese Democracy, you can’t just fit it into a single four paragraph sentence. You’ve go to give all it’s eccentricity the proper tender love and care it deserves … So who better to review Axl’s 15 year epic that great Chuck Klosterman. (via. spincity.org and the onion)

Third – A great list of don’t for all you people that are secretly wanting to join all the fun on Twitter (via Wendy Peters)

Fourth – From the New York Times, it’s a sea of 250,000 unwanted foreign cars in California. (yet again another link via. spincity.org)

If you’re not starting to worry about the economy now, you really need a head check.

FifthMarky Mark slams Thomas Cruise and Scientology. For a grumpy Irish Catholic, I still think Mark Walhberg is pretty solid … Just don’t bring up that whole talking to Animals thing.

SixthMuxtape lives again …. well sorta … and in a bit.

Seventh – Billy Corgan, seems to have started using Smashing Pumpkins concerts as a group therapy session

Dude, just because you got a song on Guitar Hero World Tour it doesn’t mean your as relevant as you were in 1996.

Eighth – Turns out the Stalelife guys stumbled upon an innovative as f**K Marketing Campaign from the Creepy King in Chicago.

All hail the Creepy King.

Ninth – Gmail releases themes for you gmail … including a Ninja Theme. Thanks Mr. Hugh


Tenth – I really should just dedicate this entire random thoughts to Tyler C. Hellard’s spincity site. Really, at least half of these links should be accredited to his blog and his constant stream of pop culture refrences.

I advice you to either grab his RSS feed or check him out on twitter. He’s Calgary’s own version of kottke.org and his site is just as entertaining. Great job man.

Elventh – One last link from the spincity site, A bonafide Douchebag is sueing Hot Chicks with Douchebags for calling him a Douchebag … aww princess, my heart yearns for you my petite douchebag. Maybe you should stop popping the color and buying roofies then…

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