The Watchmen Thursday November 13, 2008

No, I’m not talking about that 90’s band with the bald headed guy from Winnipeg. I’m talking about Alan Moore’s seminal classic – The Watchmen.

You’ve probably all seen the trailer for The Watchmen movie directed by Zach Snyder (of 300 fame), and like many of you I really had no idea what it was about.

I am a bit of a closet Comicbook Nerd (as Caitlin is slowly discovering), but my relationship with the Watchmen series is fairly non-existent. See, I was only 7 years old when it was released. Because of which it’s mythology has completely passed me by (and apparently a generation of similar aged males). I guess as I spent my youth reading Spiderman, Darkhawk, MoonKnight and the occasional IronMan story book; I should have been paying attention to the nudity, vulgarity and blood soaked pages of The Watchmen.

So back to my original point…

As I watched the new trailer for The Watchmen, I rolled my eyes at the site of a spandex wearing Owl guy, a Glowing Naked dude and a skimpy looking Girl. Seriously People? It was at that moment, that I finally felt what hundreds of thousands of women must do whenever they see a trailer for Ironman, Hellboy or Spiderman … complete and utter indifference.

And solely because of that reaction, On monday I went out to my local comicbook store and purchased The Watchmen.

I have to say that a third of the way through the book; it is indeed everything that has been described. While the SuperHero personas of Nite Owl, Hooded Justice, and Dr. Manhattan still seem like something out of the Tick, the key elements of the story line and the character development are phenomenal. What I am starting to discover, as I delve deeper into the thick pages of The Watchmen, is that it’s less about their ideal super powers and heroic actions and more about their character flaws and the selfish tendancies of men …

So yes, now I’m finally starting to understand the excitement of the upcoming Watchmen adaptation.

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