Random Thoughts For Some Classic Blogs Friday November 14, 2008

So I’ve been revisiting a couple of my favorite web sites of yesteryear. Of course, by yesteryear I really mean 2006. Which is technically a decade ago in internet terms

Because I’ve been crawling back through my Feedreader and catching up on some recent posts, I thought I’d rehash some quality posts from these classic web sites.

FirstKnowledge For Thirst

Knowledge for Thirst is the quintessential beverage blog and a great humor site. It’s too bad that they notoriously go on hiatus for 6-7 months or this would be a stable on everyone’s to read list. Just check out their take on Dr. Pepper’s offer of a Free Pop the Day Chinese Democracy comes out … priceless.

Because anyway you know the guy at the Circle K is going to look at the coupon and be like Dude what the hell is this, and you’ll have to explain about the Chinese Democracy connection, and he’ll look at you all weird, because this guy is like 20, he doesn’t know who the fuck GNFNR is, he doesn’t even know what a democracy is. Oh snap yes I did just go there.


Yes, everyone knows about the dreaded Pitchforkmedia. It’s the site with the uber snotty writters and ridiculously long articles. You know, the web site that needs a Dictionary just to decipher if the CD is any good.

While it’s always a pain in the ass to read, they do a fantastic job of creating Best of lists and songs of the year. It’s even better to revisit these lists, like their Top albums of 2007, a year later to find new music. Because when they typically release a list only 30% of the entries are even somewhat popular, but a year later that list usually grows to about 70%.


Coverville is hands down the best music podcast out there. Dozens of songs you know and love, covered by the most unique and obscure artists. Just check out last month’s Weird AL Yankovic Coverville show for a taste of Coverville’s obscure goodness… Plus think about that, Artists covering an artist who made his living of covers… That just BLEW YOUR MIND!


While Pitchfork is pretentious and snooty, stereogum is lighthearted and entertaining. The best place to keep up with New Music and Kanye’s Diva tantrums… (just kidding Kanye, I LOVE YOU MAN!)

Check out this article about GirlTalk being a P.C. for an example of sterogum’s goodness … (Girl Talk is a PC … score one for the luddites!)

FifthN.Design Studio

Nick La is hands down on of Canada’s best Web Designers out there. He’s usage of flowing vectors and great composition is amazing. Plus his tutorials are phenomenal and drive a lot of the inspiration for the work that I try to produce. His gorgeous illustrations are a sight to be hold.

That being said, he has shifted the focus of his work from the N.Design Blog to his Web Designer Wall, but he still posts once and a while, including this interesting Public feud with the owners of Next2Friends

SixthAirbag Industries

Airbag is another classic Designer blog and while it doesn’t focus on design skills or even techniques, it does focus on our industry and on occasion a glorious rant… including this one about Orange County Choppers.

Considering how much slack we give our Southern Cousins about not knowing Canadian Geography, (Although, I personally believe this to be a ridiculous thing to complain about. Because really, where the f**k is Kitchener?) It’s good to know that sometimes everyone struggles with Geography.


Yes, Matt Good of Can-con fame has a blog and writes in it religiously. At time it can be political, but for the most part it makes you realize that your typical Canadian artist really is a human after all. It’s a great read and plus who doesn’t love his crappy WordPress theme.


It’s a weird sort of Bay-Area centric blog that focuses on random pop culture hits and other things, but is always a great place for a good laugh and a solid link. Including this great Google map showing where the events of Cloverfield.

Nine – So there you go a series of Blogs you should check out. But to further wet your appetite here’s a list of a few more that will keep you entertained and informed.

Obviously, I’ve got to give a shout out to three other blogs I maintain or help run – The Armadillo Blog | Glutastic | Music-critic, but there are dozens of other good ones.

Lainey Gossip | Raspberrysundae | Mark Cuban’s Blog | Nonimage & StaleLife Blogs | spincity | SuperHeroHype | gomediazine | readmeansrun | The Rumplo Blog | KanyeWest and many other ones.

If I missed your blog forgive me it’s 6:00am … leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

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