Random Thoughts For Christmas Commercials Friday November 7, 2008

Did anyone else notice that the second hit turned November 1st, Christmas Commercials bombarded the airwaves?

Like I mean the second it his November 1st. We are talking like 12:01?


First – I know nobody wants to hear about the election and I honestly did not want to talk about it, BUT it seems like all normal news stopped this past week. The only thing that was reported was the election. So keep that in mind with this weeks random thoughts.

Anyways, back on track. Did anyone notice where Documentary Genius and Proverbial South Park whipping boy Michael Moore was during this election? That’s right no where to be seen. Time has a great article of what he’s been up to.

Second – First now that Obama has been elected here’s five things White people should not try and pull off & also Five things that Black people should not try to pull off.


3. Don’t start crossing the street in order to walk next to a black person.
President Obama is glad you support racial reconciliation, but he takes a hard line against jaywalking.

Third – How many social media accounts do you have? How many of those user names do you remember? Laughingsquid has a link to a tool that might help

Fourth – How long has it been since I wrote about Threadless – The Worlds greatest T-shirt company?

pssst…this is the part where you yell too long.

Well it looks like Threadless has revamped their web site. So check out the latest T-shirts and marvel at one the best T-shirts of all time! The Last F***kin UNICORN!

The Last F*ckin' Unicorn - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Fifth – Did you see, Did you see the Hologram on CNN… Oh well if you missed it here’s the more interesting remix – Wolf Blitzer vs. Princess Leia.

Sixth – (via. poploser) Seems that online shoe marketplace Zappos has been hit by the current economic meltdown.

Why am I bringing this up? Because a couple weeks ago, Zappos was featured on Oprah … Yes I know … embarrassing. But the episode was designed to feature young entrepreneurs and how they are changing the marketplace and workforce. Thus when I heard the news I was a bit surprised that they had to make the changes.

That was until I read Zappos CEO’s email to his employees.

2 months of salary and 6 months of benefits is a really, really generous severance package. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of sympathy for Zappos.

Seventh – (again via poploser’s web site ) 20 years of the Sega Genesis.

One amazing article and one amazing system. Major points for pointing out how critical Shining Force was to the system…Well because it was the single greatest game ever!!!

Followed closely by General Chaos, NHL ’94 and Joe Montana Sports Talk Football ’94

Eighth – Did you know that the new owners of the Lighting also have a stake in the entire SAW franchise. So theoretically, supporting Martin St. Squishy and Lecaliver supports Jigsaw…

Nine – For all you social media junkies … okay the two of you who read this blog. There a couple of events happening in the next two weeks.

First is the Social Media Third Thursdays Meet-up and next is DemocampCalgary 12.

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Too bad they weren’t Holograms.


Seriously… it’s sad when a Gorillaz concert in 2003 had better effects than CNN on election night…

Jamie · Nov 7, 12:19 pm · #permalink


Ah … How I miss Damon Albarn.

cto · Nov 7, 04:04 pm · #permalink


Didn’t you see the mask they made Kolzig wear to promote Saw V?


Tyler · Nov 12, 04:23 pm · #permalink



I didn’t see that one. That is an awesome helmet.

Creepy as all hell, but awesome at the same time.

I really just hope this whole Goalie Mask to promote Movies doesn’t transfer over to other movies. Realistically an Australia Mask would be really lame…like epically lame.

cto · Nov 13, 07:13 am · #permalink

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