- Or How We Learned to Live Gluten Free Monday November 3, 2008

So to further solidify ourselves as the single most nauseating couple in the 403 area code, I’m happy to launch Caitlin’s own blog –

Yes, we are now a couple that blogs! And I know that’s going to drive people absolutely bonkers. But before you go judging us, here’ s a bit of the background for why was created.

Last January, after months of stomach flus and excessive tiredness, we finally Sherlock Holmes’d that Caitlin was indeed severely allergic to Gluten. (You can read more of that struggle on Glutastic’s Great About Page)

To say it totally transformed our lives would be an understatement.

Gone were the staples of our diet; Bread, Pizza, Hamburgers, Montreal Steak Spices, Peter’s Drive-in, Crave Cupcakes, and Kraft Dinner. Simple nights at our favorite local restaurants where gone and replaced with foul looks from uneducated Waitresses. And instead of spending our Sunday mornings at Nellie’s; we had to spend our mornings deciphering which bloody box of Waffles were Gluten-Free and which would cause her to get violently ill. (For the record Nature’s Path makes the best gluten Free Waffles)

Anyways, shortly after being diagnosed, we discovered that information on Celiac Disease and living a Gluten-Free Life style was severely lacking in this City. Actually, besides the Calgary Chapter of the Celiac’s Association web site there was very little information available.

No reviews of Restaurants. No helpful lists of stores to purchase products from. Nothing.

So as any good web designer would do, we decided to solve the problem with a web site. (Too much Crime in your neighborhood … build a web site! Famine affecting your country … Build a Web Site!)

With that we decided to build

We’ve created your typical blog, but also added a few new features. Like local restaurant reviews (The Dish)and product reviews (the Basket), all with a touch of Caitlin’s witty banter. We’ve also added some links for users to find Celiac information and a section of Facts about the disease. (coming soon) We’ve also created a few spots for local Gluten-Free Businesses to put some advertising and for them to get some exposure for their products.

So with that I suggest you give a gander and keep checking back. Unlike many other projects I’ve launched, Caitlin has already churned out over 12 posts and has another 12 waiting in the wings. So there will be updated content coming shortly.

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A couple that blogs together; stays together.

CJ · Nov 4, 06:39 am · #permalink


Hilarious, That just further proof that we are the single most revolting couple in the Calgary Area code.

cto · Nov 8, 01:37 pm · #permalink

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