The BumpTop Lovetap Thursday October 30, 2008

Two Fridays ago, I woke-up and turned my computer on to find that c.t.o’s hit’s had skyrocket up by 150%.

at about 5:00am that morning I started receiving visit after visit from random locations throughout the world and the only source for these hits was a link on lifehacker. To my surprise LifeHacker had just released a review of Bumptop and had posted some screen shots to coincide with the Beta 14 release of Bumptop. One of the links in the article was to my Bumptop review in early this year (as a beta tester) and well as you can see (below) my hits went through the roof.

The Bumptop Bump From lifehacker

Is lifehacker’s link going to send me into the stratosphere of important techno-chic-bloggers … umm … no, but I’ll have a bigger Google return … and to be honest it feels cool to know that all these people looked at my hack illustration and design skills. To subsequently turn away and forget about the old site

So what’s the moral of this story for other bloggers out there?

1) When you promise to do a redesign, make sure you follow through with it. who knows when you’re going to be linked and when people are going to see your out of date design and make a passing judgment on your site and expertise.

2) Take chances and follow-up with contacts.

I took a chance with Anand’s Bumptop application. I also took a chance by writing a little review of the app. Initially a dozen or so people found out about Bumptop and I was pretty happy to give it my thumbs up. But a few month’s later a few hundred people have read the same article and a little more buzz has been fostered. Bumptop looks better in the eyes of the public and my site’s got a bit more traction.

A nice little win-win for each of us.

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