Random Thoughts on A Sleepy Friday Friday April 28, 2006

So this post comes from the comforts of my couch with french toast and a coke float. After weeks of whining about stress, I threatened my co-workers with a verbal onslaught of Danny Boy if I didn’t get Friday and Monday off to relax. And you know what it worked.

So before the big move this Saturday and Sunday, I have declared this morning to be ct-time. I plan on doing nothing. Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! Maybe I’ll watch Aliens. Maybe I’ll have another Coke Float. Maybe I’ll just sit in my boxers and scratch my groin in front of my window as the C-Train flashes by.

First – Urban Dictionary has a couple of new entries – snow ninjas, nar nar, ninja boots. Ninja boots salute! (courtesy of McNish)

Second – The Tactical Ice Cream Unit. Ice cream and Social Revolution. Viva la Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches – Let the MothaFuckers eat their Cake god damnit!

Third – Some may call him the director of Elf or Swingers. I call him Mikey and he’s directing Ironman.

Fourth – Ain’t it Cool News Loooong Transformers Article. If this movie is horrible there are going to be a lot of really, really angry 23-30 year old men. There is a generation of men that cried when Optimus Primes’s Death in the original movie. If this sucks I’m sure there will be riots in the theatre.

Production level today – MocOct – The Friday Morning Destroyer.

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