Random Thoughts For Skulls & Cowboys Friday October 31, 2008

SI.com recently posted a complete photo gallery of the best NHL Goalie masks from this year.

And while this is by no means a biased opinion, Flames back-up Curtis McElhinney’s Flaming skulls and cowboy skeleton mask is by far the best of this year’s crop. (via. calgarypuck.com)

Curtis McElhinney - Courtesy of Sportsillustrated.com

You realistically can’t beat a screaming skulls and a cowboy. But a close second does go to Marty Turco’s Trogdor inspired mask. Most uncomfortable mask goes to uber Nerd Kari Lehtonen’s Killbill/Anime Mask. While Mike Smith’s SAW V charity masks are pretty cool

And last but not least, the mask which truly encompasses the essence of his team award goes to Mathieu Garon for his grinning turd.

First – Meh, everyone’s already criticized Pepsi’s new branding to death, but in case you’re wondering it’s linked here. Great idea, bad execution…kinda like the new Vancouver Canucks Jerseys. (via Any and others)

Second – What’s better than Salt N’ Peppa … It’s Salt N’ Peppa Lyrics on a T-shirt!

ThirdSweetest Adidas shoes ever!

Fourth – Tim O’Reily (The man who is responsible for this Web 2.0 Term) has officially endorsed Obama. While it’s no surprise a leading edge technical guru would support a liberal presidential candidate over a self-proclaimed Luddite republican candidate (who has never used his email account), he does make a series of solid points solely from a technological standpoint.

Web 2.0 has shown the power of what I’ve elsewhere called harnessing collective intelligence. Despite the claims of critics like Nick Carr and Andrew Keen, Google does make us smarter. So does Wikipedia, and Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, the blogosphere, and Twitter. Our access to information today is unprecedented; the ability of individual citizens to discover and share important new ideas is greater than it has ever been in our history; important ideas are able to bubble up and become visible to those who need to know them.
Barack Obama understands this. His campaign has demonstrated his ability to harness the internet not only for fundraising, but also his comfort with its decentralized nature. my.barackobama.com is not a one-way fundraising machine, but a platform that has enabled his supporters to act independently, while coordinating their decentralized, bottom-up activities in a way that adds to their effectiveness. What’s more, it is a platform that has allowed supporters to disagree with him, and so to shape his policies – a far cry from the current administration’s belief that disagreement is equivalent to disloyalty

Fifth – An article from Avenue magazine regarding the naming of 17th Avenue. Should it be called the Red Mile or should the thousands of dollars in marketing spent by the Uptown 17th Avenue group determine the name of the street?

Sixth – A great article on marketing campaigns being killed by bad SEOs. (via. Mike Tighe)

Here we have an awesome campaign, a great message, I see no reason that it would not be successful. Yet at the same time you have a teen demographic which is highly advanced online – and you can’t Google the bloody site (pun intended).

Seventh – I bet you’re wondering how I found out about that Avenue Magazine article … Probably wondering how an unsophistimicated slob like myself found out about it? Well Avenue’s on Twitter. So there. bwahhh!

Eighth – Well it’s my last random thoughts before the big Overlord vs. McCain rumble in the Southern Jungle, so I thought it would be fitting to link to one last DailyShow clip – Sarah Palin: Going Rogue

Best part about the Going Rogue clip; the use of KillBill, Species, That Jane Fonda Flick and the Fifth Element.

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Interestingly, party insiders belive Prentice was given the Environment file (an obviously problematic file in the conservative party mind) as a way of highlighting Prentice’s faults.

Some say if Prentice was given the opportunity to have another easy file (like industry) he would soon be in contention for Party leadership.

It would have been a very different outcome (at least a majority government) on October 14 if someone that people trusted and respected had been running in opposition of the Liberal’s most inept leader since…well, maybe ever.

Kari · Nov 1, 11:14 am · #permalink

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