Random Thoughts For The Night Moves Friday October 24, 2008

Okay, I spent a fair bit of time this week pulling all nighters … Long ridiculous all nighters until the sun comes up.

And If you’ve ever tried to stay up for more than 24 hours, you’ll know that during the later hours, you’re not really all there … some might say delusional. Anyways during one of these nights I got the Bob Segar’s classic Night Moves stuck in my head.

I couldn’t get it out of my f**in mind. Just imagine having the lyrics Sweet Summertime, Summertime and Joey haunting your mind while you pound pots of coffee to stay awake…

Yeah, not a pretty picture.

First – The top 10 foods of the 1980’s! (via Kottke.org)

I have to agree, no Fruit loops in a list of 80’s food? Really? But more importantly where is Crystal Gravy on this list?

Second – Umm … I’ve seen enough zombie movies in my life time to know that once genetically altered cat’s start glowing in the dark, a genetic zombie plague is only years away.

Just sayin, just sayin.

Third – While it seems the Economic down turn in the states is ramping up to full speed; to celebrate TechCrunch has created it’s own little Industry layoffs tracker!

Fourth – Want to start monetizing your twitter homepage? Well twittad is here to help you make a bit of cash.

Is this really a decent business model? Because last time I checked when you log in to Twitter you really only look at your own profile, unless of course you creep out someone else’s profile on a regular basis. So would this mean that you’d only be advertising to yourself? hmmmm…I’m seeing a flaw in this model, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Fifth – from the 37signals Product Blog, it looks like they’ve added a new Deals function to their online client contact software Highrise. Essentially you can track any client proposals you send out or bids that you make for work.

I think this is a fantastic idea and definitly something that might push me towards upgrading to a paying account.

Sixth – Speaking of Zombie Epidemics, have you heard of World War Z by Max Brooks? yeah, Max is actually Mel’s Son.

Anyways, it’s an oral history of the world collected from Survivors of the Zombie Wars of 2010. And while that might sound like a ridiculously embarrassingly book, I have good word that it is an amazing read. (via. Mr. Rob Danyluk)

I guess it’s just an amazing and gripping story, filled with Government cover-ups, shifting international power changes and hordes of brain eating zombies.

To me it sounds just epic … but I kinda wish someone would make a movie out of it…

Seventh – Well what do we have here? It looks like I need to send Mr. Brad Pitt and his production company a little thank you! Looks like Mr. Angelina Jolie is working to turn World War Z into a movie. (psss here’s a snippet of the scripit)

Eighth – Want to talk about Social Media with like minded Professionals, then join in with your local chapter of Third Tuesdays. (Thanks Roger Kondrat for the link)

Ninth – Ah well, I guess everyone else in the world is going to link to it, I might as well to. Ron Howard and The Fonz endorse the Obama Overlord.

Tenth – Best child’s T-shirt ever! Wargame By Monsieur T

Eleventh – You know what other song was stuck in my head all week? Age of Electric’s Ugly … Yeah try living with Bob Segar & Age of Electric running through your head….Horrendous!

Twelfth – Speaking of which … Did you know that Kurt Dahle of Age of Electric, went on to form Limblifter with his brother, but then quit to be the drummer for the New Pornographers … ha! Another bit of useless trivia courtesy of the ol’ c.t.overdrive.

With that I leave you with Limblifter’s Tinfoil

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