EmilNath.com Launches Tuesday October 14, 2008

I know! I know! I show really stop promoting corporate releases on the old c.t.overdrive. But what can I say, it’s exciting to promote something you’ve been tirelessly working on for so long.

So with that I present to you the new web site for Corporate Entertainer and Psychological Illusionist Emil Nath – EmilNath.com

Of course, you can always read the professional statement at the corporation’s wonderful blog or you can just read through my comments below.

Anyways, Emil (of Empower Entertainment fame) is one of the corporation’s original clients and as always it was a pleasure to work with him again. Emil’s projects usually bring a strong sense of spirituality and also embody simple design to craft unique web site. Plus, I enjoy working with Emil, because he lets me run with my cockamamie ideas and toy with some unique fonts.

So check out his new home page and if you get a chance maybe suggest the man’s services for your lame Christmas party that’s rolling around the corner … He’s a fantastic entertainer.

P.S. A big Thank You! goes out to Paul Baker (of Story Time: Bear Attack fame and The Silent Auction) for his work on the initial layout development.

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