Bandcamp - A New Way for Bands to Sell their Music Tuesday October 21, 2008

So yeah, I’m creating yet another post this week, about an idea that was brought to my attention via another person.

This time it’s for the fantastic Music resell web site BandCamp. Which was kindly brought to my attention by Colin Sproule and his swell site Internet Jogging.

That’s right I used the term swell.

Four years ago the entire MySpace concept was a giant step for independent artists and a new venue for self promotion. With the release of Bandcamp it appears that the next step in the evolutionary chain has arrived.

Essentially, Bandcamp is a no frills (i.e. free web site) that allows musicians full monetary control over their music. As mentioned in this nicely written Songaday post, Bandcamp allows musicians a fantastic alternative method of selling their music. Features that are far better than anything MySpace has offered. (just watch the video below to get the gist of how it works)

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Basically any artist can go in and create a Bandcamp site, upload the raw recording tracks, convert them to any format they want and then set what ever price they want for the tracks. Best part about it is that the all the proceeds from their sales go directly to the artist.

That’s right no middle man and no fees.

Crazy concept, eh?

Anyways, we all know people in struggling bands (Mr. Baker, Mr. Manhire, Mr. Gertz and Mr. McGuire – here’s a heads up for you guys). So if you know anyone in a band or trying to sell their music, direct them to Bandcamp … who knows they might even give you a cut of the profits…

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where’s the plug for Tokyo Garden?

Brett · Oct 29, 04:17 pm · #permalink


HA! I want to see some damn demo tapes! ;)

Give me tracks with banjos, guitars, symbols, pots and pans and then I’ll start plugging the Tokyo Garden.

cto · Oct 30, 07:39 am · #permalink

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