Random Thoughts For A Missing #YYC T-Shirt Thursday October 16, 2008

So If YVR and LAX get’s their own Airplane Code T-shirt, where’s the love for YYC?

Come on people lets band together and think of some ideas for Calgary! Civic pride people!

First – Like Really? Totally! Sabrina is so LC! But McCain is such a Fossil! Totally!The cast of Gossip Girls fires off a commercial for the Obama Overlord

Second – Liquid comics is is gearing up to give some classic Indian Folklore the 300 Treatment. (Via Anand’s facebook)

Third – Continuing on with this whole comic book/movie adaptation story line, it looks like Marvel is still moving full steam ahead with plans to roll out an Avengers movie for 2011.

I still can’t wrap my head around this concept. Because realistically, pulling this colossal adaptation off would be a feat of epic proportions.

Let’s just look at the casting of the first two Avengers (Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk). That means that you have to convince Robert Downey Jr. & Edward Norton to team up … Next you’ve got to get the stars/actors of the new Ant man Movie (Seriously? Ant man), the upcoming Thor movie, and the proposed Captain America movie all to commit to the same movie … Yeah, good luck.

Fourth – Remember three years ago when people were totally up in arms and all like, Rupert Murdoch, you just bought MySpace for 580 Million Dollars! You are such a ninny Mr. Murdoch!

Well it’s three years later and with an estimated value of 3-20 Billion, it looks like Rupert Murdoch was a freaking genius.

Fifth – Boing! Boing! is proclaiming that in Tuesday’s election Canada voted in 32 new fair Copyright MPs into the house of Commons. While I’m sure this is great news for Canada, I have a feeling these canadates were chose for the constituents for more than just their support of Bit Torrents and free usage of Music.

Sixth – More from Boing! Boing! – It’s the Dictator Birdhouse

Seventh – How is the fact that Colin Powell tried to break dance, justification that he’s going to support Obama?. Seriously, does that mean if I do the Jitterbug at a seniors home does that mean I support McCain.

Eighth – Speaking of McCain … Don’t look now but it’s Dramatic McCain.

Nine – Wow, I seem to be on either a film news round up roll or my man crsuh for Robert Downey Jr. has taken a shot in the arm. Either way here’s news of the new Guy Ritchie adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, staring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock and Jude Law as Dr. Watson.

I’m sorry, but that is the best casting call since Alan Cummings was cast as NightCrawler.

Tenth – In the footsteps of Facebook, Flickr has redone it’s user’s main page.

Eleventh – With Seattle playing in Tampa Bay (subsequently my two favorite NFL teams facing off in one night) this Sunday, I have to throw this out there. But the excuse that NFL Teams don’t travel well or deal with Time Zone differences is ridiculous.

Let’s think about this. Football teams play once a week. (not three-four times in six days) For away games the team usually arrives three to four days before kickoff. Yes, I know three to four days. Stressful. Not 10 -15 hours like your typical NHL team, but 4 days.

How can paid analysts use this small logistical hick-up as an excuse for a team of 60 200+ pound athletes for screwing-up their weekly job. It blows my mind.

Twelfth – P.s. SEAHAWKS 4 LIFE.

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