The Arch-Duke Ferdinands Thursday April 27, 2006

Ba-ha, ha ha – So last night was the Franz Ferdinand & Death Taxi for Cutie double bill at the old Stampede Corral. (Which meant I had to miss the Bruce Mau talk. A hard decision. But ultimately four Scots always beat a stuffy graphic designer) Rory and I only caught about 3/4 of Death Flabbies set, so I won’t comment too much. I’m not a knowledgeable fan of music, really the only songs I know are from the O.C. and Bell Mobility Commercials. They seemed to put on a good show. Their tunes just aren’t my cup of tea. Overall it seemed like an odd bill to couple the more emo Death Nappy with the new wave Franz Ferdinand. Nevertheless I’ll continue.

Even before the lights went down, Franz Ferdinand had me worried. I’d read reviews of some of their recent shows. Lets just say that the Toronto review wasn’t too glowing. I was even more worried when the lead singer (Alex) came out and absolutely ruined their opening song. It was pretty obvious he was obliterated. With his ridiculously pointy shoes and tight pants it was like watching a drunken elf singing karaoke after one too many martinis. The DANGER WILL ROBINSON arms were a waving.

But much like a great Boot & Rally session, the boys purged their woeful opening songs to finish the night really strong. They obliterated most of the songs from You Could Have it So.. and graced most of their self-titled record. They really got into a grove after Alex had sometime to relax. (i.e. sober-up) Each song after that awful intro was brimming with the same sense of ironic bravado and falsetto which makes their records such a blast. The unanimous highlight of the show had to be the bridge in Take Me Out. With the crowd swelling into a feverish mass the boys had everyone wrapped around their fingers waiting before unleashing the anticipated switch in tempo. It was a great moment. They closed the show with a mass drumming exercise (including members of Death Nappy for Mopey) and an excellent rendition of This Fire.

Needless to say it was an excellent show. I’ve been in a half sleep deprived/stress state of neurotic consciousness for the past little while, so I really didn’t have much time to get pumped for the show. But those Scottish boys floored me – So kudos to them.

Oh! And for the BAWC (Bored at Work Crowd) I found this list of 102 Must See Movies via kottke.og – How is Battlefield Earth not on this list? That is the Ultimate bad movie. If you’re going to be an expert on movies, you have to at least be able to distinguish the great from the downright putrid.

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