Random Thoughts For The Undecided.ca Sunday October 12, 2008

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m totally undecided as who to vote for this Tuesday.

I don’t think either party leader truly grabs my confidence or even represents my ideals. Plus, because of the far more interesting election to the south, I still have no clue about each party’s policies.

And I’m sure there’s a few of you out there, so to help shift through the chaos theundecided.ca has been launched. You can read through AmberMac’s blog to get a run down of the app or you can just try to navigate through the abysmal flash design yourself.

The Undecided.ca

Either way, it is a fairly interesting little program. But it’s also not with out it’s faults. It tends to ask general questions, which do not necessarily represent the true political topics (i.e asking questions about Missile Defense instead of … I don’t know … maybe Afghanistan) or it might just completely ignore a pressing topic altogether (I’d have to say Arts Funding has become more of a national topic this campaign, then say Accountability).

So take the results with a grain of salt.

And if you’re wondering who I’m suppose to vote for. It looks like I’m a separatist! Apparently I support the Bloc Quebecois, with NDP Tendencies, even though I have no interest in Quebec Separation or even Jack Layton’s manicured mustache.

First – Have you heard of DropBox? No? Well, It’s a really, really nice online storage/collaboration tool that you and all your friends should start using. (thanx to Kurt from Stalelife for the invite)

Second – Toy Story Trailer Recut as the Dark Knight

Third – Moo has released it’s own little Mini Card Frame.

Fourth – First it was Heart, now its the Foo Fighters – My Hero! Tsk, tsk McCain.

Fifth – From the old D.A, here’s a peak into next week’s edition of the Economist (Kidda NSFW)

Apparently there is a couple good articles in that edition. Like this statistical breakdown of how the bailout is actually being spent. (via. TheOnion)

Hey! I wouldn’t say no to a Doctor Strange Movie!

Sixth – Alright, so forget Cold War kids, because that was so early October 2008. Your new favorite band is Friendly Fires.

Seventh – I’m actually kidding, The Cold War Kids are pretty wicked. But Friendly Fire is steller … In that sorta Franz Ferdinand/Bloc Party way. (thanxs Kurt & Andy)

Eighth – The NHL has redesigned their own little home on the internet called NHL.com.

Ninth – Is this a case of bad timing or is it a case of Jealousy?

So the story is that a handful of Google, Facebook, Blip.tv and Silicon Valley hotshots were on vacation in Cyprus last week and decided to create a lip dub of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Typically it’s not a big deal, but it seems some people (editors at TechCrunch) seem to be offended that while the Web 2.0 Industry has started to crumble on Wall Street, these kids were having a gay old poolside party in Cyprus. What do you think? Is it really bad taste to flaunt your extravagant vacation, while your stock and savings plummets?

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As Chris Rock so eloquently put it on Bill Maher’s show last week, “It ain’t a recession for everybody.”

Nathan · Oct 13, 09:35 am · #permalink


Love that Friendly Fire, thanks

Margo · Oct 13, 09:54 am · #permalink

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