Shopping For a Web Site? A Series of Armadillo Articles Thursday October 2, 2008

Warning: Blatant Self Promotion Ahead.

So what started off as a 3:00am rant, turned into a 6 page corporate manifesto, which in turn transformed into a 3 part multi-faceted set of tips for people looking to set-up their own Web Site.

The idea behind these articles, was two fold. 1) To promote the knowledge base behind Armadillo Studios Inc. and 2) To provide people answers to many of the basic questions I receive on a regular basis.

So with that I officially present to you all 3 articles in Armadillo’s Shopping For a Web Site series.

Part 1: What should you look for in a Web Designer? & How Much should you Spend on a Web Site? This article reveals why no one ever posts their rates online and also some key tips to look for in a legitimate Web Designer.

Part 2: Flash Based Web Sites vs. Straight HTML Sites & What Are All these Crazy Web 2.0 Terms? Yes, this article slams those small companies that offers those popcorn $500 Flash based web sites and explains why to avoid them. It also breaks down many of our industries glorious Web 2.0 catch phrases into plain English. So pretty much any one can understand what they actually mean. (BTW it’s a great reference for any company interested in Web 2.0 training)

Part 3: How Long Does it Take to Build a Web Site & What Other Costs should I plan for? This article basically explains why it always takes longer to build a Web Site than first planned and hints at some of the other costs that are associated with the entire process.

So there you have it, three articles that I hope will break down some of the mystique of Web Design and help people make decent choices when building a Web Site.

As always, I would love to hear comments from anyone (industry types or non industry types). If these articles are helpful or if they’re a waste of time. Even if you don’t agree with some of my opinions.

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