Random Thoughts For A Wounded City Friday October 3, 2008

Is it just me or is Calgary just a wounded urban wasteland at the moment.

I’m sorry, but so many areas of the city are either under construction or are caught in the middle of a unwarranted period of gentrification. For example, Holt Renfrew’s big move to the old Eaton’s building has pretty much killed the downtown shopping center. (When did the sketch Arby’s & Subway close down) The classic stores of 4th street are either replaced by upscale shopping outlets (Roxboro Mall and Urban Barn) or left with a vast empty scars because of developer bankruptcy (see the Midtown Condos disaster). While some of the icons of McLeod Trail are gone (the original Futureshop, the old Burger King, Guitarworks and the Jack Carter Dealership). Even Kensington hasn’t be able to escape the damage with Yudu leaving and American Apparel invading.

Hey, I’m all for change and all, but so much change in such a small bit of time … it’s kinda depressing.

First – The best use of GooTube in a loooong time. The Wario Experience Wii Commercial (via. Boley and a slew of others)

Second – More Overlord Obama news – Looks like his campaign has created a iPhone App for free in the iTunes store

I’m just saying, but this man has been using new media to further his campaign like no other candidate before.

Third – Watch out Dr. Byron Miller and all your Urban Studies Profs, because it looks like a sequel to Blade Runner might be in the works (via. cawlin)

Fourth – More Colbert Info. Looks like him and everyone’s favorite Web Slinger are teaming up in Amazing Spider Man #573.

Fifth – Star Wars Dweebs of the world unite! You’ve got yourself a Star Wars Storm Trooper Hoodie designed by Mark Echo!

Sixth – Because ever GOP blogger seems to be bringing this potential weakness in the Overlord’s Campaign, but the L.A. Times is revisiting the Bradley Effect and what it actually means.

Seventh – A great article about the importance of sketching and the transition from moleskin sketches to real life products. (via the geniuses at GoMedia)

Eighth – From Cambrian House (or is it Vencorps now), it looks like Barcampcalgary.com has posted a video recap of DemoCampCalgary 10. If you watch closely throughout the clip, you’ll get to see that my ugly head gets in the camera’s way at least 10 times.

Ninth – As Dooce & Music-Critic have both recently noted, the new Walkmen album (You & Me) is pretty f**king good. So go and listen to it.

Tenth – More music news for the upcoming holiday season. It looks like Jenny Lewis is releasing a new album called Acid Tongue. Rabbit Fur Coat was one of the best albums of 2006, so I would highly recommend checking Acid Tongue out.

Eleventh – Last but not least, did anyone catch Rex Murphy’s rant about the Canadian Leaders debate set-up? I know he’s a bit of a wonky eyed newfie, but you’ve got to admit he’s a smart wonky eyed newfie.

This whole four on one verbal shouting match is truly embarrassing. I understand that our governmental elections are spur of the moment and we don’t have the resources to set established debates like our Southern Neighbors. But as probably the most watched forum for our leaders to get their points across, it’s pretty weak.

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