Random Thoughts For Not Crossing David Letterman Friday September 26, 2008

So, I know a couple of weeks ago I promised to not talk about the American election ever again.

But I can’t pass this stuff up. Seriously, people this is just getting weirder and weirder by the day.

You obviously heard that Mr.McCain has decided to throw a political Hail Mary pass suspend his campaign to help out Washington with the Wall Street crisis. But in doing so he skipped on a planned interview with David Letterman to interview with Katie Couric race back to Washington.

Well Dave wasn’t too impressed with change of pland and here’s his nine and half minute reaction.

(Thanks for the link Bobbie Boy)

First – There might not be as many links this week as I was busy with DemoCampCalgary 10 and apparently ranting about the CBC.

But here’s a couple of links to some people that I met at the DemoCamp 10 last night.

Second – TechCrunch takes a hard look at the new MySpace Music and it seems they’ve done a decent job.

Third – Struggling Mets Combine to Form Carlos Voltron. I’m sorry but the picture is phenomenal.

Fourth – And because who doesn’t love a good round of Palin smack talk, looks like dooce is taking aim at Caribou Barbie again.

Fifth – Phenomenal T-shirt for girls 410/BC Sabertooth T-shirt

Sixth – Just from watching the reaction on the Internets, ColdWarKids are going to be your new favorite band.

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Good to meet you as well. I heard people talking about the Letterman show, but I didn’t know what they were referring to. That was pretty funny.

Also, hate to be a stickler, but you seem to have missed the A in my last name. I know its the first letter of the alphabet and it gets a lot of attention, but it didn’t chose to be first. Don’t hate on it. :D

Rhett Soveran · Sep 29, 01:33 pm · #permalink



It was good to meet you too.

Sorry about that, I’ve always been partial to the Letter C. And as everyone knows the letter C really doesn’t get along with the Letter A.

Kidding, I’ve fixed the mistakes in both names.

Cheers man,


cto · Sep 29, 04:19 pm · #permalink

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