S-t-u-p-i-d Busy Tuesday April 25, 2006

So posts this week might be pretty scarce and/or lame. Packing, Work, the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab for Cutie Concert, and the big weekend move have made life stupid busy. This week is just fing ridiculous. It might even boil down to the fact that I can only post random American Express commercials directed by Wes Anderson…

.. okay maybe I have some time.

First – Jason Gaylor has posted a new set of Graffiti Photoshop Brushes. If you want to know the secret to this website, check out some of his custom Photoshop brushes. All you need is Photoshop, these brushes, a picture of yourself and whammy – you’re a bonafide web designer.

Second – The Eggling Plant. Quite possibly one of the coolest/simplest things I’ve seen. Here’s an Eggling in action.

Third – Wow! A Crowd Surfing Hasidic Jewish Reggae Star. That’s it I’ve seen it all.

Last, but not least – Tis a sad day for Byron and the entire Urban Studies Department, the great Jane Jacobs has passed away.

P.s. What ever happened to Mike Commodore?

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I don’t get the hype of the eggling…

It’s roughly $10 US from the two suppliers I looked at.
Or, instead you could get an entire bag of potting soil and a package of many seeds for the same price or less

is it the unnecessary ceramic egg or the extra packaging that’s the cool/simple part?

man, exams have turned me into a horrible curmudgeon…

doug · Apr 25, 11:48 am · #permalink


i think i killed the eggling.

kristin · Apr 26, 09:02 am · #permalink



Give It time some more time. It must grow. It must.

cturner · Apr 26, 10:56 am · #permalink

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