Random Thoughts For Tigers vs. Elephant Friday September 19, 2008

I don’t know what it is? Maybe it’s that weird Simpson’s episode where the Shark eats the Gorilla out of the Tree, but I’ve always loved the theoretical concept of Animal vs. Animal match-ups. In particular, when they’re used in some sort of pop culture references and they’re even better when they’re completely ridiculous. (For example Bear vs. Shark, Last week’s Bear Attack, Unicorn vs. Whale, or even Threadless’ Squid vs. Whale).

I have no idea what it is, but the idea of a Unicorn vs. a Whale makes me laugh. (because the unicorn would totally win)

Anyways, I’m digressing. So when a co-worker was looking at series of crazy Animal vs. Animal You Tube clips, I had to watch. Not because I’m a gore freak or anything, but because it was like Animal vs. Animal.

So I present to you the most nut bar video clip – Tiger vs. Elephant. (P.S. It’s not gory at all, It’s just a nut bar attack)

First – Dooce Takes aim at the Moose Hunter.

Second – I really don’t need to explain why this t-shirt is epic.


Third – Twittering something that you ate, is kinda lame. Twittering about that song that just happens to be stuck in your head is a neat way to share your experiences. A newspaper Twittering the funeral of a 3 year old is f#$ng morbid.

Fourth – Sweetness, just in time for the release of Iron man on DVD and Halloween, it’s a child-sized Iron Man Light-up Muscle Costume.

Fifth – The Rosebuds vs The Hood Internet (featuring Aseop Rock).

Sixth – Haven’t you heard, Facebook isn’t a place to make new friends! It’s only a place to keep your old smelly ones. (via. TechCrunch)

Seventh – P.s. PackRat is still the best Facebook app around.

Eight – One more T-shirt for the week and then I’m done…

Nine – Because it’s the start of the film fest, FFWD has a brief round-up of this year’s films. If blindness wasn’t getting as much coverage as it was I’d be all over that one … but alas, it’ll be packed for it’s showings.

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