Random Thoughts For Story Time:Bear Attack Friday September 12, 2008

If your free on Saturday night, head to The Stetson for the one night showing of the glorious Rock Opera Story Time:Bear Attack!

Yes, one night only. If you’re not there your either in jail or dead. And if your in jail…BREAK OUT!

First – GoMedia transforms some of their glorious images in to skateboard decks

Second – I seriously have a ridiculous man crush on this egotistical man. (Transcripts of Mark Cuban’s interview at the TechCrunch50 Conference)

MC: I did, and I “retired” when I was 30. My goal was to drink with as many people in as many countries as possible. I sold a company and all I wanted was a lifetime pass for American Airlines. They had them for $125,000 for two people. I used to go into bars and ask women if they wanted to go on trips. But then, one of my buddies at Goldman said we should start a hedge fund and three years later we sold if for a lot of money. I was still drinking and traveling when I was asked to try streaming Indiana basketball games over the internet. I was reluctant because I already had my FU money but I took a look and put up some of my money. My first business card had Vice President on it because I didnt want to work. Before you could do live streaming, we figured it out and did it from there.

Third – Hot Damn! Look, Look! The overlord is so cool, he even gets his own damn Air Force One’s. (via. soleredemption.com)

Wonder what kind of shoe McCain would get? … Maybe a pair of Flip Flops….Zing

Fourth – Wow! I apologize for that last comment…That was just bad.

Fifth – I know you’re all waiting for this grand announcement, but Britian’s Mercury Prize goes to Elbow. (thank. Jamie)

Sixth – Did he really just reference the Tragically Hip’s Ahead by a Century … Good God he did!

Seventh – And the countdown begins for the Free Kanye West T-shirts.

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