Mister, Would You Like My Seat? Monday September 8, 2008

So, I was all excited to share some more photos and stories of Tom foolery that was the Bumbershoot-Seattle ’08 Trip. I was going to create a new Animoto video with Saul Williams – List of Demands and splice it with some killer photos. It was going to be epic… But instead I ran into a horrible case of the mondays.

So, Instead I leave you with a clip of Saul Williams spoken word poetry from what appears to be SXSW’08.

Saul Williams “Spoken Word” from David Delloso on Vimeo.

Saul Williams was quiet possible the most impressive act we saw at Bumbershoot. Confident, Enthralling, Intellegent and Compassionate – his spoken word session was a joy to be apart of and a dramatic shift from pretty much anything we saw that day.

Plus, he’s also a very humble individual… A non-diva who has no problem with sitting on the floor…

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