Random Thoughts For Intrade.com Friday September 5, 2008

Intrade.com is a Dublin based gambling/stock market company that allows people to place real cash on intangible markets. Users are allowed to place bets on What day Britney will enter rehab to Whether or not McCain will win the election to even Which American city will win the 2016 Olympic bid.

But as people are starting to notice it is also a very, very good tool for predicting future events.

See, It’s a deregulated version of the stock market, so insider trading is rampant. More so, there tends to be a huge spike in activity on certain markets moments before that announcement is about to happen or the event is about to take place. People close to the activity or strong insider ties will dramatically inflate the prices of the market if they know a confident outcome is upcoming.

So if you’re curious as to what’s going to actually happen next, keep reading inTrade.com.

First – PUMA shoes releases the Puma First Round Shoe. Yes. You are correct that is a Deer hunter inspired shoe.

Second – This right here is a phenomenally amazing T-shirt.

Third – With NHL prospect camps all but over, here’s a neat little piece on Stefan Legein – a Sean Avery type prospect of the Columbus Blue Jackets that seems to have walked away from it all.

Fourth – Since it’s cold enough to be fall right now, it means that it is also cold enough to be able to discuss Hockey Jerseys.

So here via the great Icethetics blog is the Hockey Databases’ interpretations on all 12 of The New Third Jerseys.

My favorite? Easily the Blackhawks. Followed shortly by the Hurricanes.

Fifth – Although, I’ve been glued to CNN.com for the past two weeks, I shall make a promise. I’m not going to make any more observations on the American Election. Yes, I love Obama, but I sure people don’t want to read me talk about something I know very little about …

But that being said, I’ve got to post this little blog post – A Letter From Someone who Knows Sarah Palin. (thanks to Mr.Boley)

Now, now take it with a grain of salt, because it is just a blog post. It could be as legit as the Obama is a Muslim or Palin’s fifth baby is actually her daughter’s or Anderson Cooper is a freaking Android rumors that seem to be swirling around the internet. But it is an interesting read, nonetheless and solidifies some of my gut instincts.

Gives a bit more stake into the nick name Barracuda.

Sixth – From Kottke.org, it looks like a dramatic shift in our society’s work schedules is happening. It now looks like the rich are working harder and longer hours, while the poor are working less. hmmm… It’s about time.

In other words, when we get a raise, instead of using that hard-won money to buy “the good life,” we feel even more pressure to work since the shadow costs of not working are all the greater.

Seventh – Calgaypuck.com, the definitive source for flames fans, is now going live with it’s own weekly radio show. Considering the high quality of opinions and information that can be found on the message boards, I’m extremely excited for this new feature to start up.

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