Google's Chroome Tuesday September 2, 2008

… So what’s the big news this morning…

Well in the Web/Internet world it just happens to be the much anticipated release of Google’s new Browser Chrome.

Update: David Pogue of the The New York Times has put together a fantastic review of Google’s Chrome

With Firefox 3.0 rolling out a couple of months ago and a beta version of IE 8.0 rolling around, it seems odd for Google to throw another browser into a very peculiar market. But if you take a small look at the PCWorld’s take on the release and even check out the official Google comic book (which actually does a sensational job of explaining the important changes and key features to Chrome’s backend) – you’ll get an idea of why Google released this monster.

So after reading all the news on Chrome, my opinion is probably best summed up by a comment in PCWorld’s coverage.

I remember when I first saw Gmail. My response was “that’s it?”, but then the simplified interface hid the power of it’s new paradigm…exactly what new users need to make it easier to adopt.

I’m a self-professed technical Luddite and when I first saw Gmail I was less then impressed. It probably took me 4 months to make the transition from Hotmail to Gmail … But now I recommend Gmail to all my clients and I use its interface for all my corporate communications and organization. So even though I’m not overtly excited for a Google Browser, I have a feeling it might be taking Firefox and IE for a bit of a run.

P.S. The extra ‘o’ in the post title was intentional.

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