Pike Place Sunday August 31, 2008

One day in the Emerald City in the books and one and half more to go… Including a full day under the shadow of the Space Needle at Bumbershoot.

Now considering we’re only going to be in the Emerald City for an insomniac 60 hours, it’s might be a little odd to blog about Seattle… But considering the summer’s lack luster excitement and constant kicks to the groin, I’m gonna do it anyways.

Things to know about Seattle this weekend. Not only is it Bumbershoot, but it’s also PAX: The Penny Arcade Expo and the Preseason warm up for the Washington State Cougars. So needless to say the city is covered with Virgins and Cougars…

…The Hurricane Cafe is the best dive bar breakfast in the City…Hands down.

…The Monorail is always epic.

…This city has an herd of Goats that goes around cleaning up the urban landscape for Dog Parks. It was very odd to come across a random selection of goats in Seattle.

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