The Scene - London Monday April 24, 2006

So I stumbled across The Scene on I don’t have cable, but it appears to be a little feature/interview about the scene in some interesting cities. Each city gets its own profile and a little insider’s tour by one of its storied sons/daughters. They seem to be profiling some great cities like Kingston, Beirut, Ibiza, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, New York, etc. The concept seems pretty cool, but the one that caught my eye was the one about the Old Smoke – Dreary London. with Mike Skinner aka The Streets.

If I could roll the proverbial Ten-sided Die of life, I’d love to have ended up in London. I have always loved the city. I’ve spent a swack of time there, but never enough to justify calling it a second home. Many people hate the city. My brother Max still lives there and Gerry can’t stand it. But I love it. I always loved the grittiness of the city, yet I loved how it can be just as warm and charming – Especially on a summer’s day with a cold nice pint and a plate of gralic butter chips. Anyways I thought this was a pretty poignant statement about the city:

Outsiders often mistake the frantic pace of London life for unfriendliness or even cold hostility. Londoners can come across as one huge dysfunctional family with a bad case of attention-deficit disorder. Yet it is a world in which a myriad of life stories are unfolding in parallel on the same psychogeographical stage. An endless, ever-shifting work in progress.

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