Spammers Galore Tuesday August 26, 2008

As much as I love this site, I have to admit I’m not really that popular. Yes, the old c.t.overdrive is not 22 comments on each post popular.

So, some people might be thinking, what in god’s name is this crazy Irglishman talking about? Well, last night the old c.t.overdrive was blitzkrieged by blog spam.

For real? There’s such thing as Blog Spam?

Yeah, for real.

The concept of Blog Spam is that Spammers create little magical internet robots that search blogs for unprotected comment sections. Then they auto generate dozens of fake comments to the article, in the hopes that a common reader will be like Wow! 24 comments this must be a heated debate, I’m going to read the comments. Oh wow a link to spam, I’m going to click on it. Wow I just gave my computer the CLAP. or even just to up their presence on search engines, by having links back to their site.

It’s devious. It’s sneaky. And it’s really lame.

Anyways, to write c.t.overdrive I use a program called Textpattern. It’s a powerful, yet awkward little CMS, but over the past couple of years I’ve grown to love it … But it’s very uncommon to see someone use Textpattern. It’s sort of like walking around listening to MP3s on a Sony MiniDisc players, it’s a bit older but it still works.

Up until last night I had no problem with Spam; because for the most part spammers are pretty focused on the more popular Blogging tools (WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, etc.,). But within a two hour stretch, the old c.t.overdrive was hit with over 250 spam comments.

Now here comes the big problem.

Deleting these comments wasn’t that big of a hassle. The big hassle came, when about 80 legitimate comments were also included in one of my mass deletions. Therefore most comments since November 2007 have been whipped of the face of the earth, never to be read again.

So this is my formal apology to people who have taken the time to leave comments over the past few months, only to see their words and opinions disappear. Please, don’t let my blunder persuade you from not commenting here. I encourage everyone to leave comments on any of the topics I ramble on about, even if you do disagree with my ridiculous notions.

Sorry guys.

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It could be worse — your site could have the clap.

Dave · Aug 26, 08:27 pm · #permalink

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