Random Thoughts For Professional Duck Walking Friday August 22, 2008

I know last week I ranted about Canada’s shocking lack luster performance at the summer games and I promise this is my final rant about the Beijing Olympics…

But no matter how liberal your definition of what is a sport, you have to admit that Racewalking is absolutely ridiculous to watch. Yes, I know its an endless debate on which sports should be Olympics and which should not… and I’m not going to even open that Pandora’s box.

I get that Race Walking is physically intense and has just as much merit as say Marathon running, but come on. Subjective Red Cards and Yellow Cards? Being tossed out of the race for lifting your feet too much? Waddling like a ridiculous duck for 50 kilometres. I’m sorry, it’s just … it’s just … It’s just the most ludicrous sport at the games and the weirdest thing to watch.

It’s definitely not as amazing or as enchanting as Beach Volleyball.

First – God damn! Julia Childs was a freaking spy!

Second – So if the Heavenly Creatures BLIK decal was a relationship test, than I’m guessing that Do-Re-Mi-Quack! BLIK Decal is freaking relationship suicide … Over a 100 pieces of wall decal madness.

Third – From my new favorite style site (Sole Redemption.com – it’s the brand new Reebox Madden 20th Anniversary Sneaker.

Fourth – Hey Look! The LOLcats! Empire has expanded in to Erglish Signs. So If you feel obliged to spend time laughing at other people’s butchering of the English language (besides reading this web site), then welcome to Engrishfunny.com.

Engrish picture of a sign that says dog cafe

I wrote about these two guys on the corporate blog, but their LOLEmpire brings in 2 million dollars of net income annual and employees 12 developers … Yes, that’s right I said 2 Million Dollars annually.

Fifth – A great post by The Walter Cronkite of sports reporting (Elliot Freedman) on Priscilla Lopessc amazing bronze medal in the 100m Hurdles.

Sixth – Why Brand are unsuccessful on Twitter. (via From the GoMediazine blog)

Seventh – Mike Phelps to Return to his Tank at Seaworld … Priceless.

Eighth – Our Obama Overload is in the process of selecting his second in command.

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