Skulls & Crossbones Wednesday August 13, 2008

Okay, so this pretty much happens to most couple over time, but have you ever noticed how you slowly inherit some of the weird traits of your partner. I know my girlfriend has slowly inherited my love of T-shirts, cheeseball video games and Imported fine-quality Swedish Furniture. While on the other hand I have acquired a taste for loud colored shoes, a distaste for gluten products and a new found affection for Skulls…

I only realized this about a month ago, but I’ve gone from never having a single item with skulls on it to 2 T-shirts and three posters. Yeah it’s a littler weird, and because of this new affection for Skulls, I’m also drooling over this new glow in the dark t-shirt from

Seriously one of the best shirts from Threadless, since Mo’ Money, mo problems.

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