Random Thoughts for The Emerald City Friday August 29, 2008

They might not have the Supersonics anymore, but on a scale of 1 to 40, Seattle is still freaking awesome.

Any place that is the home of Pike Place, Starbucks, The Seattle Seahawks, Baseball Stadiums, ShadowRun for the Sega Genesis, Decrepit Monorails, The Music Experience, All those Microsoft Big Wigs, Starbucks, Plaid & Flannel, Nirvana, S.T.P, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and more importantly the Bumbershoot Festival has to be a f@#$in awesome place …

Okay, maybe I’m about 15 years late to the game.

But Seattle is still freaking awesome!

First – Hey! Have you ever asked yourself where did my Scrabolous go? Well, it got shut down … and here’s why.

Second – The American Movie Channel has ordered Twitter to shutdown the MadMen Twitter Character Profiles. (via. poploser) Considering the amount of buzz these small accounts were creating, i think this was probably a very weak decision.

Third – Why do the Democrats hate Arby’s? … here’s a more important question do the Republican’s like Subway?

Second – From The D.A. – A web site that tells you what song was number one on the day you were born.

All I can say is … Won’t you take me to … Funkytown … FUNKYTOWN!

Fourth – The correlation between Kraft Dinner & Income Levels

Fifth – While Internationally it sounds pretty ridiculous, I actually applaud Air Canada’s Jazz airlines decision to remove Life Jackets from regional flights. When flying from Saskatoon to Calgary, it doesn’t particularly matter if I have life vest… In fact, if I need to use a life vest on a flight across the prairies, I’ve got far more to worry about.

Sixth – I knew it! I knew it! I knew the Obey Obama – The Obama Overlord posters would surface at the convention.

Seventh – I find it funny that I spent weeks and months bitching about Stone Temple Pilot’s headlining the Virgin Festival in Calgary, only to spend far more money traveling to Seattle to see Stone Temple Pilots headline Bumbershoot

Eighth – But at least we get to see the Weakerthans, Saul Williams and motha f$%^in T.I. … Wonder if he’s going to play What You Know About Math?

Because that would be epically awesome.

Nine – If you know me, you’ll know how much I love stars and how awesome they are …

Ten – If you’re keeping track the c.t.overdrive awesome count for this post is at 5.

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Uh… actually that last “awesome” bumped it up to 6. And do “awesome“s in the comments section count? :)

Dave · Aug 29, 10:40 am · #permalink


They sure do.

Chalk it up to 7 Awesomes…

cto · Aug 30, 05:49 pm · #permalink

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