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Random Thoughts For Jay-Z vs. Oasis Friday August 15, 2008

So here’s a short synopsis of the Jay-Z vs. Oasis war of words from this year’s Glastonbury festival.

- One of the Gallagher brothers gets a bee in his bonnet that Jay-Z (ex-drug dealer & all around rap mogul) is heading Briton’s most prestigious summer festival.

- The same Gallagher complains that rap is not a legitimate form of pop music and should not be headlining a traditionally guitar driven festival.

- Jay-Z says nothing.

- Jay-Z strolls out on stage at Glastonbury with a guitar and plays a sarcastic rendition of Wonderwall. He then procceeds to kill his headlining set on Oasis’ sacred home turf.

- Jay-Z sales go through the roof in England.

(photo via Guyeppel)

First – A somber take on Canada’s lackluster performance in China.

This is a sidetopic rant, but years ago, I took a Canadian Studies Course at the U of C from an Australian Professor on the differences between Americans and Canadians. It was a fantastic and brilliant course – one that I will never forget. Anyways, one day we came to the topic of Canadian Sports. In particular, how Canada’s polite & humble nature, our constant obsession with an obscure winter sports that is rarely played outside of a select handful of Nordic countries, our inability to fund Collegiate Athletics, plus our reclusive nature to embrace corporate sponsorship and the inability of our patriotic modesty to truly embrace and showcase our non-ice hockey stars would always be Canada’s down fall on the International sporting stage.

He compared American’s massive Collegiate sports industry with ours. Then he championed America’s patriotic ability to turn Amateur athletes in to icons and marketing machines and our inability to turn the fastest man in the world to nothing more than a hot dog salesman.

As an 19 year old at the height of my I am Canadiana phase he freaking POWNED my ass. Needless to say the old codger was right …

Second – I only hope Seattle is this beautiful for Bumbershoot in a couple of weeks. (via. Wired’s Top 10 Cities – User Photos)

Well minus the snow.

Third – Buy one get one free offer from the Carolina Hurricanes for the upcoming 2008-09 hockey season.

Fourth – For others bored in the #YYC today – why not change yourself into a Magna Character.

Magna c.t.overdrive

Fifth – I’ve started following Cobra Commander on twitter … A little part of my childhood is now fulfilled.

Cobra Commander Tweet

You have to be a huge G.I. Joe Nerd to get that joke.

Sixth – Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about this part. Jay-Z’s latest post retirement album Blueprint 3 includes a Oasis dis-track, with some help from Kanye of course.

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