Random Thoughts For Twitch's T-Shirts Friday August 8, 2008

So by proxy, I’ve been watching a lot of So You think You Can Dance … Probably more than I should admit too.

While the show is fairly entertaining, it has to be said, that Twitch Boss (The Runner-up) has one of the sickest and I mean sickest T-shirt collections in the whole land. Someone needs to purchase and set-up Twitch’sTee.com, beacuse that would be pure gold. JAMMM!

First – Stranger Brew = Hamlet … Really … WTF?

Second – From Rumplo.com, an interview with the designer behind the French Thugs T-Shirts.

Third – DT18! how I miss you … one of the greatest NHL prospects to sizzle and fade.

DT18 you’ll have a special place in my heart forever…ever…..

Fourth – Further proof of how Awesome Texas is … 26 Teenage Cheerleaders cram themselves in an elevator and can’t get out …

Only in Texas … Only in Texas.

Fifth – (via. Mr. Danyluk) Theo Fleury is making his Baseball career debut with The Vipers this weekend. Unlike the Iowa Hog’s attempt to lure Brett Favre out of free agency, this is a publicity stunt I can get behind.

I’ve always admired Fleury for the way he’s fought through addiction and whole slew of other problems. It’s great to see him cleaned-up, running a decent company and giving back to the Flames community and the city of Calgary.

Sixth – Soundgarden has finally reunited for the first time in 15 years.

Seventh – From Henry Rollins Twitter feed.

I refuse to converse with idiots who wear Bluetooth headsets all day

Amen Mr. Rollins. By far the most foul mouthed and hilarious feed on Twitter.

Eighth – I’m on a T-shirt binge… Sorry… From KANYE West’s Blog=

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