Missouri Mystery Wednesday July 30, 2008

Dear Internet,
You’ve been very good to me. You’ve given me a great venue for employment and hours of hilarity, but I’ve got to ask you for a little favor.
See last month (June 28th-July5th) I went to Puerto Vallarta for a Vacation. We had a wonderful time and one day we decided to take a trip on a Vallarta Adventures tour. We met a couple of lovely newlyweds from Kansas City, Missouri, who forgot their camera for the day trip.
Being good Samaritans we offered to help them out by taking photos for them and then promising to send them once we got home.
They gave me their email address and all seemed fine …
We got home developed the film …. and …. well
It looks like I missed placed their email address.

So great and wonderful Internet if you know of anyone in the great state of Missouri (by the name of Code or Codie) or have seen the people pictured in this photo below, please have them contact me so we can fulfill our end of the bargain. Let’s see if the theory of Six Degrees of Separation is real.

P.S. Please don’t tell my Girlfriend, she’s so gonna mock me for hours when she finds out I lost the email address.

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