Oraganized Scrambling Tuesday July 29, 2008

I’m totally Copyrighting that phrase

So while I scramble to get my sh!t together. You know, to post some pictures of the infamous Pink hair (btw all the Gray is holding on to the pink for dear life) and Cait’s amazing walk, recovering from an exhausting weekend and juggle a couple of graveyard shifts; I thought I’d share a couple of cool little links.

First – A New Linen’s & Sh!ts has opened in Macon Mall.

Second = The very cool Icethetics Blog has a solid little offering regards a fan’s 3d rendering of the legendary Chicago Blackhawk

If you thought the original was a grumpy bugger, this one is far more pissed off.

Third – Adios FAIL WHALE, good morning SUCCESS WHALE (via laughingsquid)

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