Aside - The FolkFest Gauntlet Thursday July 24, 2008

Citizens of Calgary,

When the first chords of either Aside, Relative Surplus Value, or Tournament of Hearts start blasting from the speakers at Princes Island tonight and for some reason you don’t have the urge to get up to flail around like a sugar induced child of three; you officially have no soul.

Much love,

If you haven’t guessed the Weakerthans pretty much highlight the entire folk fest with their set this evening.

And I’m peeling off the label as they peel a corner guard
Dance down the sheet to the tune of “Hurry, Hurry Hard”
And my popcorn squeaks with the question, wonders why I’m not at home
Where you wait beside a silent telephone, doodle circles within circles all alone
Have to stop myself from climbing on the table full of empties to yell:
“Why, why can’t I draw right up to what I want to say?”

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