Random Thoughts For Hot Pink Friday July 25, 2008

That’s right! All systems are back to Pink.

Thank You For your Support

Although it is the FolkFest this weekend, it also happens to be the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Which if you are a regular reader means that my hair is going bright pink for the weekend. Thank you once again to everyone that donated to Caitlin’s cause and helped her achieve her goal. $280 dollars was far more than I ever expected to raise for this cause and I know she is incredibly grateful for your support. Caitlin has constructed a ribbon for each person that donated to her walk and she will be wearing that on her bag throughout the entire 2-day/60 KM trek.

If you’ve got some free time this weekend, I’m sure she would love to see you at one of the various cheering stations along the way.

Pictures of the Pink Hair, which was formerly Grey, and some from the walk itself will be published this weekend.

First – Oooo Twitter hits USAToday. This calls for more FAIL WHALE! oooo yeah….

Second – A comprehensive list of all the up coming Potential Superhero Franchises … err Movies. Now I know I used to cheer for some obscure superheros in my day (Darkhawk, MoonKnight, Excalibur, etc.,) but F$%^ing ANT MAN … seriously.

Third – Back to retain their Best Mash-up DJs of the universe title from Girl Talk; The Hood Internet has unleashed a solid new track in Public Enemy vs. Health

Fourth -From Kottke.org – The Most Beautiful Suicide, which is a memorizing and informative write up by Jason on Evelyn McHale’s suicide in 1947.

Fifth – Man it is good to get back to reading Kottke.org again! A nice quotation article about David Carr’s new Junkie autobiography – Night of the Gun. After finally reading A Million Little Pieces (and cementing it on my Top 2 books of all time), I’m a little eager to read another junkie/addiction memoirs.

Sixth – Tiny Trends in T-Shirts – Sunglasses, Sewing Machines and Cat’s with Lazers

Seventh – Here’s a great use of GoMedia Vector images. Absolutely, love the Pink and Green.

Eight – From Wired Magazine – The New 11,000 Dollar Clover Coffee maker looks poised to save Starbucks. Sounds like a stunning machines, but _what _ exactly is going to destroy Starbucks? A vast plague of Zombies hell bent on eating the world’s Best Barristas or is it a potential invasion of Aliens who’s sole existence depends on the nourishment found in exotic coffee Beans and uppity Yuppies. Because honestly those are the only two things that could one day destroy the Corporate Monster that is StarBucks.

Ninth – Brett Favre has been given an offer to play for the AHL’s Iowa Chops and no this is not an Onion article.

I don’t know what is a lamer publicity stunt, thinking Brett Farve will play for the Chops or naming your team after something that only sounds good when it’s prefaced by Pork and ends in Express. That’s a Big Trouble in China reference for some of you uncultured swine out there.

Tenth – A comprehensive list of all the companies, media outlets and even celebrities utilizing Twitter (via. Chriswinfeld)

The cool news is that Henry Rollins & Luke Wilson have joined the Twitter universe. The bad news is that the Edmonton Oilers feel obliged to soil the airwaves of Twitter. No wonder that freaking FAIL whale keeps on coming up.

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