Random thoughts on a Feverish Friday Thursday April 20, 2006

So Flames fever is starting to engulf this city. (ouch!) So as the playoffs role around the experts are starting to come out of the closet again. Yes, for the next little while (at minimum 2 weeks) I’m going to have to endure hordes of soccer mums and born-again puck bunnies telling me their takes of the last night’s game. Please people, all I want is a coffee. I get it! Regher is cute! I don’t want to know why a Balding Jesuit Brazilian is cute! ... Oh! How I can’t wait … Oh! Goodie-Goodie Gosh.

Anyways, I’ve decided against bombarding this site with Flames rants for the next little while. But I do have to post something. So I’ve decided to post my series predictions for the Flames. (Hopefully four posts)

But it is Friday. So first and foremost random Friday thoughts…

First – An intriguing documentary called the The Flint Star about street ball in stupid poor Flint, Michigan. If this movie is anything like this write up, it’s a must see. It sounds like an emotional combination of Roger & Me , Hoop Dreams, and Air Bud.

Second – (This was leaked on the net a couple of weeks ago) But here is the Anaheim Ducks new team crest. Funny, But that Mallard looks an awful lot like a bunch of Ducks from an “old Nintendo game.”: http://www.cyberiapc.com/flashgames/duckhunt.htm

Third – Pearl Jam is set to release their new album May 2nd. The new website has some beautifully rendered pixel backgrounds. (Which can be seen in their entirety. Just click on the reveal background link)

Fourth – John Gruber the brains behind the blog Daring Fireball. is taking the initiative and writing his blog full time. Again another internet guru spewing out the old Nike adage of “Just Do it.” With all these omens flying around, I really might have to start writting up my resignation letter.

Fifth – The Scarface Soundboard.* Rule Number Two – Never get high on your own supply! * Note: ebaumsworld is totally not a suitable for work website.

Prediction time!!!


Anaheim Ducks vs. Flames

Much will be made about the Ducks’ ridiculous name, Disney Corp, The Flying V, Mickey Mouse club etc., (although Emilo Estevez jokes are always welcome) If that’s your take on the Ducks, you’re completely clueless. Expansion was 14 years ago people. The Ducks are a strong team and are well coached by ex-jet Randy Caryle. He’s had an impressive coaching stint in the AHL with the Manitoba Moose Carlye has his mallards playing a very high tempo end to end type of game. A completely opposite strategy to Sutter’s boys.

Under that style of play the Might Quacks have been on a tear since January. They are one of the hottest teams heading into the playoffs. This is the first year in the Brian Burke’s rebuilding plans. And they are primed to be a contender for the next little while. They are bolstered at the backend by 2003 Playoff MVP Jean-Sebastian Giguere (another protégé of goalie coach Dave Marcouix. The same man who elevated Kipper to MVP Status) and perennial all-star defenseman Scott Neidermeyer. Include a resurgent Selanne and a trio of impressive young kids and this team has a lot of spunk. Where they don’t match up with the Flames, is in overall depth. In a long hard-fought series will be the key for the Flames.

Duck to Watch: I was going to say any of the three kids, (Ryan Getzlef, Corry Perry or Chris Kunitz ) Then I realized that Marchant is on this team. Even though he looks like a twelve year old, Todd’s going to be a huge thorn in the Flames side.

Duck to Harass: Rob ‘Special Needs’ Niedermayer.

Flame to Watch: Rhett Warrner. He’s returning from injury and seems to have something to prove. While the man-child Dion will get most of the attention, Rhett will be a constant menace out there. His shoulder will be a nice welcome to “the second season of the NHL” for the Ducks’ trio of young forwards.

Prediction: A winnable series by the Flames, but by no means a cakewalk. A very tight 6 game series win. Ducks may steal the playoff opener in Calgary, tonight. But similar to the beginning of the season the Flames will fizzle out of the gate. They may not win the first one, but will regain their composure for the rest of the series. By the third game they should have complete control of the series.

  • * Note: That banner is still a work in progress. This Banner will never be finished.

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Speaking of random hockey representation .. check out that moron at the UofC home page.

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