Random Thoughts For More Jibby Jab Friday July 18, 2008

I know it was only like four years ago when the first Jib Jab viral video came out, but it sure does feel like a new political right of passage in the states. So without further delay here is the new Obama/McCain Jib Jab video.

First – After years lurking behind buildings and hanging around all the school classrooms; it looks like the cops may have some solid justification to finally put the Kool-Aid man behind bars (via. laughingsquid.com)

Second – I have a soft spot for Ray Emery. I know he’s had a couple of problems – Snowmobiling to Practice, Wrecking his Hummer on his way Practice, Fighting entire teams, Fighting his Teammates, Putting mike Tyson on his Helmet, Missing team meetings, Wearing Sparkling Suits. You know the usual stuff that an eccentric Goaltender would do. Anyways, he’s heading to Russia to clean up his act and cleared the air on TSN’s Off The Record.

Third – From Lainey Gossip – it looks like CSI:Las Vegas has lost it’s chief detective

If I were the producers of that show, I’d slip my dark sunglasses look at the camera and think What Would Horatio Do? WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Fourth – More Lainey goodness – Looks like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Jo love Johnson’s Lake too.

Fifth – Just for Mr. Miller – Buk!@#ie ruined my carpet the T-Shirt!

Sixth – No idea why I’m in such a Celebrity Gossip mood, but What Would Tyler Durden Do? can be absolutely prices at times (but also NSFW). This post about Uma Thurman made me spit out my cup of tea.

The Mail says she might be pregnant, but I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead enough times to know a zombie when I see one. You’re not foolin me you undead b!tch!

Seventh – To continue on with the state of the Web 2008 Illustration from the last Random Thoughts, here’s The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Digg Speak. If scroll all the way to references section, it pretty much explains 98% of the Internet’s inside Jokes. Including WooT, All your Base, Don’t Tase Me Bro, Whoo Whoo, and even the two jokes that shall not be named.

Eighth – Glorious NHL Jersey web site NHLlogos.blogspot.com is now located at Icethetics.blogspot.com. Put that in your book marks kiddies.

Ninth – Your new Hockey night in Canada Theme.

Tenth – I know the Herald already covered it and Bobbie Boy already plastered it on his facebook page, but it’s Feist … and she’s on Sesame Street.

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