Tire Kickers vs. Real Clients Monday July 21, 2008

So you’ll have to apologize for this rant/commentary, but I have a question for anyone out there who deals with clients. In particular, in the Web Design/Web Application world. My question is, What is your ratio of Tire Kickers (i.e. potential clients who investigate your services or inquire, but never become a paying client) vs. Real Clients (i.e. people who become full paying clients for a product you develop) ?

In my experience, my ratio is about 5:1.

That means for every client that I develop a product for (Web Site, Business Cards, Cookbook, etc) 5 people will just kick the tires. 5 people will inquire about Armadillo’s services, but the project is never elevated to the next status or it just dies a quiet death.

Now I ask this question, because over the past couple of months I’ve had a influx of Tire Kickers and I’ve started to wonder if there was something I need to do to improve this ratio? Or better yet what can can be done to increase the corporation’s attractiveness?

I know the preconceived monetary value of web design and web application development is one of the biggest factors in scaring people off. What you refuse to build a fully functional online marketplace for under a $500 Also, the relative obscurity of my small company does frighten some people, but what things can be done to retain potential clients?

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