Random Thoughts For Luchador Fantastico Friday July 11, 2008

During one of the many evening rainstorms in Puerto Vallarta, I stumbled across some Luchador Wrestling on T.V. Coming from the home of RING-A-DING-A-DONG-DANDY, Ed Whalen, The British Bulldog and Stampede Wrestling, I just had to share the experience.

Mexican Luchadorian Wrestling is a thing of beauty….pure beauty!

First – I’m not saying that I come to terms with this tragedy, but this is the only article I’ve found that can somewhat justify the Bertuzzi signing … Somewhat being the key term.

Second – The STATE OF THE WEB SUMMER ’08 (via. Mr. Boley)

Best part about this illustration is the explanation of getting Rick Rolled.

Third – Man there a lot of links to videos this weeks – JOURNEY AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH (via kurt)



Fourth – Getty images teams up with Flickr. Hmmm… I wonder if they’d be interested in the 3,521 photos of me smoking on my Mexican Vacation? hmmm…. I really wonder. (via superblue)

Fifth – ummm. Wow? Techno + American Appreal-esque Model + Roster = wow!

thunderheist – jerk it (contest cut) from thatgo on Vimeo. (via. “snook.ca“http://www.snook.ca/)

Sixth – One of my favorite web sites and Vector resources – GoMedia has relaunched their Corporate Blog and Web Magazine. All I can say is wow! What a great job. Absolutely Stunning.

If the new c.t.overdrive is a fifth of that, I will be proud as shite.

Seventh – Be Like Kanye and Drink Vodka!

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