ThickBurger Wednesday July 2, 2008

Wooooo! Wooo! I thought you we’re in Mexico! Not Montana

Yes, yes, we’re on the beach, but I’ve got a back log of shite to post on the site so I thought I’d do a bit of catchup and post from the Past.

A couple of weeks ago we hit up the Great Town of excess currently known as Great Falls, Montana. While there I had an abundance of spare time to experience lovely Target (pronounce Targeeet for those in the know) and spend way too much money on Wii accessories. But I also had time to take in a small personal goal of mine.

The Legendary Hardee’s Thickburger – Yes it wasn’t the Official HEart Killing Thickburger, but it was damn near close enough. After months of a gluten-esque life style, I have to say this burger damn well nearly killed me.

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