c.t.overdrive's Sled Island Preview Wednesday June 25, 2008

Unfortunately, I will have to miss most of the glorious Sled Island festivities. Because of a scheduling conflict, a much deserved trips to Mexico, i won’t be able to attend most of this weekends shows. But that still won’t prevent me from voicing my opinion on the show, so from the massive list of shows this weekend, here are the c.t.overdrive choice picks.

c.t.overdrive Sled Island Preview

First off if you read this on Thursday you’ve already missed it, but check out the THE MAE SHI! at Broken City on Wednesday night. AWESOME, AWESOME!

Second the much anticipated reunited Cryptomaniacs at Vern’s on Thursday night. Manhire’s back from Ottawa for the week and this will be a killer show. Seriously, this is the number one Pshyco-Hilbilly band north of the 49th parallel and they’re alive for one more night. A must see!

That same night old sckool country crooner Carolyn Mark & Matt Master play upstairs at the Legion, while Death Country pioneers Elliot Brood play the basement of the Legion. If you want a good ol’ prairie version of Sled Island this is the show to be at.

Third, you all should know about the big Friday and Saturday night shows at Mewata, but If you didn’t pick up tickets for those shows there’s still some glorious shows on Friday night. In particular, the Suicide Wrists + The Von Zippers at Broken City. Also the RZA plays a show at the Grand. The chance there are slim there are still tickets available for the Wu-Tang Mastermind, but seeing Bobby Digital at the Grand would be surreal.

Fourth on Saturday, if your heading to Metwata, make sure you arrive early to catch Mr. Sony Bravao’s (Jose Gonzalez) blend of Swedish folk: at the Mewata Main stage. Upcoming local band and Cryptomaniacs friends – The Osterich play Saturday at the Legion … That’s of course if your not watching Mogwai.

Also, if that doesn’t make you all excited here’s a couple more ideas. Yo La Tengo play a not so secret intimate show at the Pumphouse Theatre and in addition SIDS play their last show ever!

So there you go, the second annual c.t.overdrive sled island preview. I also want to throw out a generous well done to Zak and his team for another amazing festival line-up!

Also, Trent from Music-critic did a review of last week’s Virgin Fest. Dispite all my bitterness and bickering, it looks like Virgin pulled off a hell of a festival. Hopefully next year we get a better line-up!

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