Random Thoughts For Montezuma's Revenge Friday June 27, 2008

So the ol’ c.t.overdrive will be a bit quiet for a little while. I’ll be taking a week’s break to head down south for a little battle with Montezuma and his army of Luchador Wrestlers!

Oh no – EL DIABLO!

(Photo via hugohum)

Okay, so It’s not really as epic as I’m making it sound. We’re just heading to Puerto Vallarta & the Sayulita region for a week of all inclusive goodness.

Have a great Canada Day and Independence Day everyone!

First – have you seen the adds on Facebook for Free-samples.ca (including another one for UFC fighting at F.A.T.S. Damn, that was a cooler bar when it was called the blood onion!)… I digress.

Anyways! You know that saying, if it sounds too good to be true; well you guessed it right, It is to good to be true. Just stay away!

Second – Hey I’m not a big fan of Kobe, but Shaq’s rap against him was a bit over the line … To bad Karma’s a Beeeyotch Shaq! Didn’t your momma tell you not say bad things about people! (via mtib)

Correct that, I miss read the article. Turns out all he lost was his Honorary Sheriff’s Title.

Third – Probably the best record to hit the market this summer is Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals Known for his feverish live shows and ridiculous mash-up’s, Girl Talk’s brain child (Gregg Gillis) gives a track-by-track overview of his entire opus (via. stereogum)

Fourth – Twitter Tip #324 use #lifetrack to describe what song’s playing in your life at the moment. (thanx to poploser & louderthanten for that one)

Fifth – With Sled Island taking over the city, I found a list of recommended artists from the festival organizers.

P.s. The Suicide Wrists play tonight at broken city.

Sixth – Wow! Did you know that Drive-in’s are horrible for creating a pedestrian driven community? Really city hall, thanks for cluing into this phenomena. How long do we have to wait for you to figure out that a weak public transit infrastructure, no boundaries on growth, and lower priority on density & economic diversity creates massive counter-intuitive urban sprawl.

Seventh – Digital Alberta posted this impressive link about the Alberta Government moving to increase the already growing R&D sector of our fine province

Eighth – Ha, you know what it’s the freaking long weekend. how about some Mac Book Air vs. Girl Talk.

Girl Talk + Apple from Andrew Pile on Vimeo.

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