Random Thoughts For The Gratitude Campaign Friday June 20, 2008

Political loyalties aside, I just want to state that the Gratitude Campaign is one of the coolest grassroots ideas I’ve come across in a long time.

The Gratitude Campaign has revived a simple hand gesture that anyone can use to express their appreciation for men and women that serve in the Armed Forces, Fire Department, etc.,. You know the people who put their life on the line on for the benefit of others. To me it’s a perfect compromise between being too embarrassed to say anything and creating a somewhat awkward social moment.

Over the past year, I’ve gained a stronger appreciation for the sacrifice the families and members of our Canadian Armed Forces make on a daily basis in a truly under appreciated career. Personally, I really think this is a fantastic concept and I felt the least I could do was to pass on this little message.

First – FireFox 3.0 was released on the 18th and the kiddies at Mozilla attempted to set a world record for most downloads in a single day.

But more importantly just download the upgrade and enter in about:robots for a bit of a treat. (thanxs poploser)


Second – If you haven’t checked it out yet visit Stereogum’s illegitimate Love child for television. – Videogum is up and running. A little harsher than Stereogum with a far more cynical twist. Whether it’s slamming Bill O’Reiley or making fun of Mark Wlahberg or Josh Hartnett, it’s a good five-ten minute mental break.

Third – Of all places, this one comes courtesy of the ads on my blog! Yeah G.I.Joe T-shirts and a cobra commander Vintage poster!

Fourth – Ads on my blog… I swear that would be a wicked name for a web site. Because there are some sh!te ads that appear on my blog. Like really sh!te ads.

Fifth – It’s draft weekend starting tonight, so that means the yearly Calgary Puck Draft Preview is up at the newly redesigned Calgarypuck.com.

Little over 6 hours till the draft starts, get your jerseys out kiddies. Let’s all cross our fingers for MATTIAS TEDENBY to drop a few places.

Sixth – The number one ranked Guitar Hero Player in the World (Sorry, munchkin it’s not you…yet)

Seventh –

I went downtown to look for a job | I had no training, no experience to speak of | I looked at the holes in my jeans and turned and headed back … Story of My Life

Eighth – One of the most ridiculous Articles I’ve read in years – Google hates America. Yeah…um…Yeah… (thanxs Boley)

Nine – Okay, so maybe I’m not completely over R.Kelly.

Ten – For the record that last line was almost impossible to write with out making it sound really inappropriate.

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