Crazy Eyes! Tuesday April 18, 2006

So I’ve been walking around work with the craziest of eyes the past few days. When you mix an ever growing lack of sleep, an overdue art school application, a final exam on Freehold Mineral Rights, a website redesign, a stolen truck and an upcoming move all together your goanna get some mad Crrazzy Eyes action. Just from the sheer fucking stress! Add in the fact I’m still adjusting to these contact lenses. And Salmma Jamma Whammy! I look as mad as Jack in the Shin-ning.

First – The One Red Paper Clip Project A 26 year-old guy from Montreal has bartered up from one Red Paper Clip to a years rent in Pheonix … [ Side Note: I found this link earlier in the day. Low and behold I had no clue it would be all over A-channel this evening. Or I wouldn’t have posted it. ]

Second – I present the History of the World in Movies. I didn’t know this but it seems like 1863 was a busy year. In New York Amsterdam Vallon killed Butcher Bill (Gangs of New York), while at the same time men delivering gold were killed by a futuristic machine gun. (Timecop) In addition Abraham Lincoln was kidnapped and taken to the future (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), plus The Federal Army faced the army of North Virginia at Little Round Top (Gettysburg). A mere 59 years earlier Predators arrived for their feasting ritual on xenomorphs and humans. (Alien vs. Predator)

Third – Previously, I mentioned how ecstatic I was that Sportsnet had redesigned their website. Giving each of its analysts thier own blog was a genius idea. It allows people to react to the opinions of the sportsnet panelists and makes the site far more intresting to visit. They’ve made the whole experience that much better. Example one Jim Kelly comparing the Flames to the Wild. ... Lets see how the ravenous Flames Fans at Calgary Puck. feel about this one.

Fourth – Neil Young is about to release a infuriated record attacking the Bush admistration. More impressive is that he is barely one year removed from a brain aneurism and was still able to record a full record in under three days.

Fifth – Girls Gone Wild Released Back into Civilization. Phew! Just in time for the red mile. Thank God! Let’s rehabilitate those shitty titties back into society.

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