The Glow In Dark Tour Monday June 2, 2008

So I’m a couple days late on this, but I’m still recovering from the EGO that was Kanye West on Friday night at the Dome. So I’ll make this review poignant and quick.

The Glow in the Dark tour was/is the single greatest one-man live show I’ve ever scene.

(photo take by Jeremy Watt at the Toronto show)

1 part Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey 2001, 1 part David Bowie’s glorious Space Oddity and 98 parts World Eating Ego – Kanye’s one man stage show was phenomenal. His amazing stage presence and fantastic energy single-handily justifies his enormous ego. It takes skill to work-up a sell-out crowd and man an elaborate stage for two straight hours. That was a feat on it’s own. Plus he had a god damn 4 minute Journey interlude! Freaking Journey!

While Kanye’s set was unreal and the supporting acts were just as fantastic. N.E.R.D sounded tight and from the Beer concourse sounded like a great opening act. Albeit Lap Dance may have been inappropriate for the tweenies and their mommies in the audience. Which for the record is probably the parents fault over the artists.

The unspeakable one made all the 16 year old girls scream in the audience on numerous occasions – especially when her boy-toy Chris Brown appeared on stage for Umbrella. Which took about 3 minutes to figure out that it was actually Chris Brown Unfortunately, we missed Lupe as he opened the show at 7:30, but as the only other person to grace the stage with Kan-evil’s ego – he nailed his coveted appearance on Touch the Sky.

All and all a phenomenal show and it was a very justifiable reason to venture back to horrible confines of Dome for a one more concert.

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