Random Thoughts For the June Line-Up War of 2008 Friday May 23, 2008

On one side you’ve got the scrappy street fighter of a youngster in Sled Island Fest. With it’s mix of indie starlets, local punk bands and legendary pshyco-rockabilly acts all convening at the mysterious Mewata Field. (Swear that was torn down to become Millennium Park)

Then on the other side you’ve got the overweight and over-hyped reigning festival champion contender of The Virgin Festival, which is limping into the contest with a tonnes of publicity, fantastic location and sub-par bands.

So here we go Sled Island’s Line-up Vs. The Virgin Festival’s Line-up.

Looks like Sled Island wins this one in a solid knock out.

First – One of the sweetest Baseball T’s I’ve seen in ages. (thanks JoeyTWOwheels for the site link)

Second – Heads up NSFW!

This tattoo helps you see that he is a gross monster and you need to stay away. Dude, you had me at pierced nipples. From Vice’s Do’s & Don’ts

Third – This maybe be bad for work, because the title of the link has the big H!tler in it, but it does a great job of explaining what a meme is. It’s the H!tler video remix meme

My favorite of the remixes is the H!tler reacts to the Canucks

Fourth – Google’s IM messaging service Gtalk now has Twitter capability (via. Mr. Boley)

Fifth – Not only is this a massive old School NES controller coffee table sweet as hell; but it’s actual functioning NES control Hot damn that is sexy as hell. (via. D.C.)

Sixth – So over the week Stephen Colbert ended up on Twitter. In a couple of hours the news was Dugg and Colbert has something like 20,000 followers. I for one was one of them. Not because I’m a Colbert nut, but because he added me to his list. I thought it was pretty cool…

But it turned out to be a big farce.

Hey, you know what give the guy credit for stepping up and admitting it. Plus it was all in good jest and if anyone goes berserk on this guy, the need to take a deep breather.

Seventh – Hey Vancouver-ites you took can make a fool of yourself with Dooce! All hail our Dooce Overlord!

Eighth – Probably the best Nike commercial since the epic Eric Cantana Massive Tanker Boat Duals of the early 2000s. It’s the new SPARQ training commercial.

I case you’re wonder the song’s called List of Demands – Saul Williams. He’s an underground poet who’s recent album is a collaboration with the once great Trent Reznor and I think includes a fantastic cover of U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Nine – Come on people 100 down only 150 more to get my hair pink. Come on you pansy little pufters get your knickers out of a twist and help fight breast cancer.

Holy Toledo Connor! Bad web design, horrible hair color, embarrassing grammar and belligerent insults. What’s next making fun of our mommas?

You bet your candy asses!

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