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Random Thoughts For Sleepcar Friday May 16, 2008

Sleepercar is the new project from Jim Ward (of Sparta & At-The Drive In fame) and they’ve got a killer Tom Petty/Blue Rodeo sorta vibe to them. Even better they’re opening for City & Color’s show on the 25th of the month. So if you’re going to the show, go early to catch Jimmy Ward and his mates.

SleepCar - West Texas

Ward’s a fantastic artist and his stuff with the first Sparta record was unreal. This stuff is great, but in a totally different direction. Plus it’s called West Texas and you know what happens with Texas.

You don’t blank with Texas.

First – Best news in weeks! – And yes I also won’t shut up about Friday Night Lights.

Second – I love it when students make political statements in a poignant and attention grabbing manner. I especially love it when people stick it to the Muppets that run the University of Calgary.

Third – from the glorious pages of Rumplo – Linty Fresh T-Shirts.

Fourth – This article would be a 1,000 times funnier if it was published in the Onion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Dozens of kids are drugged at a Russian Cafeteria.

Fifth – From Laughing Squid – Michael Gondry has revamped his own trailer for Be Kind Rewind in the same way as Jack Black & Mos Def re-created Ghostbusters in the movie. Apparently it’s called Swedeing.

Sixth – Gordon Ramsey spends 2:20 with George on the Hour. Even better the hour finally updated their web site, with an easier to use video player.

Seventh – So he’s already gone and explained how to use JQuery, now Nick La has gone and explained SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Everyone who’s interested in the in internet should give this article a read. Bravo, Nick! Bravo.

Eight – First it was Noel Vs. My Boy Damon Albarn. Then it was Noel vs. Radiohead. Then it was Noel vs. Chris Martin. Now it’s Noel vs. Jay-Z

Hey Noel, I know you’re a tough as nails ex-cokehead Manchester Muppet. Dude its Jay-z. JAY-Z! JAM!

Ninth – For Mr. Miller – it’s L.A. style. All pixilated and fantastic.

Ten – Kidrobot Rocks

Eleven – Hey Jukes! Congrats on the new addition!

Twelve – Calgary opens it’s first Criss-cross Crosswalk down in Eau Claire. While I love this idea; I can’t wait for some old Okotoks fossil in a rusty pick-up that can’t fathom this concept to jump the light and go barreling into the intersection.

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