Cambrian House Falls? Or Does it? Tuesday May 13, 2008

Look to the right of the old c.t.overdrive and you’ll see a fancy little Cambrian House Link. For those that don’t know, Cambrian House is a Calgary company at the forefront of the Crowdsurfing Community. It is a great place to go to cultivate ideas and get those creative juices flowing. One of its recent successes is the mobile beta testing community – mob4hire.

Hey! who doesn’t want to make some money testing mobile apps.

Yesterday, Techcrunch launched a post noting the apparent demise of Cambrian House . Needless to say this sent the local Calgary design/creative twitter community into a bit of a tizzy. While the claims were somewhat inaccurate; the assets of Cambrian House are still there, but the web site will soon end. The company will be re-launching under VenCorps and still retains the rights to its ideas and companies. If you want clarification Comment #31 from CEO Michael Sikorsky clears up the confusion and TechCrunch has modified their information to reflect that. So the long of the short of it, no jobs were lost and a staple of the Calgary community still lives.

It’s sad to hear news of the Cambrian House failures. Crowdsurfing is a brilliant idea and I hope that the new adaptation will provide a more stable business model for the company. The company was featured in last year’s Calgary Inc. and it seems it is run by a good collection of bright and intelligent business people. So things are still bright. I for one will be signing up as a beta user for the new VenCorps reincarnation and wish the company all the best in the future.

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