Top Ten Reasons Friday Night Lights Rules Thursday May 15, 2008

Caitlin and I have been fixated with the Second Season of Friday Night Lights. Probably the best show on T.V. since Lost came rolling around. But instead of mysterious Island hi-jinx, you get a huge slab of High School Football – Texas style.

10. Because it’s football and it’s in Texas. You don’t #$%in mess with Texas Football. (Sidenote: Go Longhorns!)

9. It’s produced by Brain Grazer and Peter Berg. In addition, the show was adapted from Peter Berg’s 2004 movie version of the Friday Night Lights book. Both of which are considered pivotal sports movies and books.

8. The Kleenex factor. Not since Rambo First Blood (and of course the orginial FNL movie) have I teared up at a piece of cinema.

7. For the girls there’s Taylor Hitsch and for the Dudes there’s Minka Kelly. Plus for the boys who like other boys there’s still Taylor Hitsch.

6. Coach Taylor’s Hilarious Grumpiness. If you had to wander around in horrible Oakley sport glasses, bad khaki shorts, a baseball hat and pale blue polo shirts, you’d be grumpy as hell also.

5. All of the Taylors spousal banter … Some of it hits far too close to home.

4. The whole Landry story arch from season one. Landry is probably the best unknown character in the show. Him and Sarason embody all the awkwardness that is High School, but in a hilarious up lifting way.

Unfortunately, we don’t like where his story is arching in season two. Please no spoilers

3. The Tim Riggins drinking game. Just try and keep up with Tim Riggin’s drinking habits per show. I haven’t seen a man wake up with so many nick Nolte hangovers since the summer of AGD.

2. Matt Sarason’s complete and endearing awkwardness. Matt embodies everything that mad High School such a load of crap.

1. Being able to say What Would Coach Tayler Do? WWCTD?

If Coach Taylor can’t scowl his way through your situation, it’s better to pick up shop and run … Just run.

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